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The Department of Journalism


Head of the Department: Roman Shulyk, Candidate of Sciences (Philology), Associate Professor

Contact information: New Campus, Office 205
Phone: (03654) 3-00-69
Office hours: Monday - Thursday: 9.00-18.00, Friday 9.00-17.00, lunch break: 13.00-14.00

Senior Department Assistant: Natalia Kruglyk

Contact information: New Campus, Office 205
Phone: (+38) 097 874-92-96; (03654) 2-29-49.
Office hours: Monday - Thursday: 9.00-18.00, Friday 9.00-17.00, lunch break: 13.00-14.00

General information about the department

The Department of Journalism was established by the Rector’s order №4 (01.02.2010), within the Humanities Faculty of The National University of Ostroh Academy.

The Department of Journalism provides with teaching journalism studies courses at the university. The first group of Bachelors of Journalism graduated in 2014 and received the specialization of "Specialist in TV, Radio, Internet Journalism and Photography".

The department offers a major program in Journalism, in the concentration "Journalism and Information", with the areas of study 061 "Journalism" (Bachelor of Journalism and Master of Journalism). The main objective of the department is to prepare Bachelors and Masters in the programs of higher education. The department is guided by the main objectives of humanities education development under the Law of Ukraine "On Education", the Program "Education in the XXI Century". Bachelors of Journalism have the right to participate in the competition to continue education in the post-secondary institutions of the IVth level of accreditation to study for the Master’s degree.

Graduates who major in Journalism will have the opportunity to work in different areas such as the press, radio, television, the Internet and hold the posts of:

  • Correspondent in a Foreign Edition;
  • Content Manager in an Online Edition;
  • Copywriter;
  • Correspondent;
  • Special Correspondent;
  • Literary Fellow;
  • International Observer;
  • Political Commentator;
  • Public Relations Department Employee;
  • Advertising Department Employee;
  • Press Secretary;
  • Executive Editor;
  • Online Edition Editor;
  • Literary Editor;
  • Scientific Editor;
  • Studio Editor;
  • TV Editor;
  • Technical Editor;
  • Art Editor;
  • Editor and Translator;
  • TV Journalist;
  • Radio Journalist;
  • Broadcasting Presenter;
  • Chief Editorial Board Member;
  • Civil Servant in Information and Analytical Support;
  • Member of the Editorial Board etc.

Since 2011, as part of studies in International Journalism, the department has started the international cooperation with the "New Media" Foundation (Warsaw, Poland). In the context of this cooperation, the department has been implementing the "Project W", within which students have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars in online journalism, held in editorial offices of Warsaw. The project coordinator is Nazaruk V. M., the lecturer of the Department of Journalism. During the project, students had the opportunity to visit the editorial office of «ESKA-ROCK», the largest youth radio of Poland, the editorial offices of the magazine «Newsweek-Polska» and newspaper «Rzeczpospolita». In July 2012, students became the participants of Ukrainian-Polish-Belarusian seminar "Journalists - activists" in partnership with the "New Media" Foundation (Warsaw). In 2014, the students of journalism had a ten-week internship in Polish edition «Gazeta Wyborcza» in Lublin (Poland).

The students of the program in Journalism at The National University of Ostroh Academy have the opportunity to enjoy:

  • modern innovative methods of teaching;
  • meetings with famous people;
  • introductory and educational visits to leading regional and national media;
  • workshops by highly qualified journalism experts.


Laboratory of Journalism Excellence J.Lab is a creative hub of informal media education, which was formed and operates at the Department of Journalism at The National University of Ostroh Academy. The hub is a coworking space where any student or a group can find everything they need for learning, creativity and implementation of their own media projects. The founder of the Labarotory is Roman Shulyk, Candidate of Sciences (Philology), Senior Lecturer of the Department of Journalism.

Student radio "OstrRadio"

The purpose of the radio is to promote and highlight the moral and historical heritage of the University, to improve public relations of The National University of Ostroh Academy and to form its harmonious image by means of the Internet. The radio started its work with the support of the university administration in 2009.