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Department of Cultural studies and Philosophy


Head of the Department: Mykola O. Zaitsev, Dr Sc. (Philosophy), Professor
Contact information: old monastery building
Cell phone number: (+38) 097 496-05-08
Web page of specialty “Cultural studies”:
Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00-18.00, Lunch break: 14.00-15.00

Deputy Head of the Department: Zhanna O. Yankovska, Cand.Sc. (Philosophy), Associate Professor
Contact information: old monastery building
Web page of specialty “Cultural studies”:
Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00-16.00, Wednesday - methodological day

Senior laboratory assistant: Tetiana A. Kucher
Contact information: old monastery building
Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00-17.45, Lunch break: 13.30-14.30

General information about the department

Department of Cultural studies and Philosophy provides cultural and philosophical subjects at university.

It was established in December 1996 (by Decree of the rector of the university on December 9, 1996  №44) and became one of the first in the renewed Academy.

The main field of its activity is the Faculty of Humanities, nevertheless, cultural and philosophical courses are taught in all faculties of the National University of Ostroh Academy, especially when it comes to normative humanities disciplines. The curriculum of the department includes the study of socio-cultural situation in different eras and cultural processes in the modern world, much attention is paid to important philosophical problems.

The main goal of the department is to bring up bachelors, masters and specialists in different areas of higher education.

While conducting its activities the department takes into consideration the main tasks of the development of humanitarian education in the accordance with the Law of Ukraine “Education Law”, program "Education XXI century". The topicality of the tasks of the Department determined the revival and development of Ukrainian national culture and, joining by Ukrainians the community of European cultures and the modern world cultural space. Focusing on the best domestic and international examples of teaching cultural disciplines, the department staff relied on historical traditions of the National University of Ostroh Academy. Courses, which are taught by teachers at the Department of Cultural Studies, consist of two units: normative and general professional (basic courses). General educational normative unit includes social, economic, legal, humanitarian and some natural science disciplines. Professionally-oriented unit consists of professional major disciplines of basic education "cultural studies". In turn, the general professional disciplines are divided into fundamental and professionally oriented and also selective disciplines. Some parts of the curriculum of professional training are dedicated to special courses and seminars. According to the curriculum, the department provides introductory (museum), educational (school and university) and socio-cultural practices.

The main tasks of the teaching process of the Department are revival and strengthening of authentic Ukrainian cultural values, spiritual consolidation of the Ukrainian people, involving achievements of other cultures in the national educational and cultural space. Development of Ukrainian culture is considered in the context of human values, humanistic and democratic dominant of modern world community.

The department successfully practices the management of course papers and qualification works of students, as well as, coordinates diploma and master works of students. For such work the Department chooses meaningful and relevant topics related, in particular, to the analysis of contemporary cultural phenomena, new approaches to the interpretation of certain problems of modern cultural studies and philosophy, understanding of the history of world culture and the study of the cultural heritage of Ostroh Academy. In addition to writing the curriculum work, students have the opportunity to actively participate in national and international conferences, write and publish scientific articles. To promote student research  work Department conducts regional student scientific conference each year, organizes a competition of student philosophical essay, encourages students to prepare publications in scientific research digest "Student research notes of Faculty of Humanities."

Scientific groups

At the department there are such scientific groups as:

1. Semiotic workshop "Imago" under the supervision of Maksym V. Karpovets. Assumed a weekly review of classical and festival films, followed by its thorough philosophical analysis. Based on the review and discussions, this workshop forms micro reviews, research papers and notes that are placed on different platforms – starting from students own web pages to public web sites. Workshop not only broadens personal vision of the academic community, but also forms a critical analytical thinking, develops communication skills and good aesthetic taste. Meetings take place every Wednesday at 17.00.

2. Philosophical workshop "Anthropological discourse" under the supervision of Mykola O. Zaitsev. The purpose of the workshop is to study and discuss the key issues of philosophical anthropology. Meetings are held every Saturday at 15.30.

3.  "Philosophy of Literature" under the supervision of Maksym V. Karpovets.

The purpose of the workshop is a philosophical reading as well known as less known texts of the twentieth century (Witold Hombrovich, Mo Yan, Julian Barnes, William Golding, Jonathan Franzen, Don Dellilo), determining cultural and aesthetic landscape of contemporary culture.

Selected texts are valued as full discursive practices, which change mental, social, psychological and historical situation in culture. Therefore, analysis of these texts, identifying ontological, phenomenological and anthropological "borders" allows getting a better impression of the current literature.

As part of the scientific work at the department annually such activities take place:

  • Round Table discussion on the Day of philosophy by the Rules of UNESCO;
  • Round Table discussion on gender in cultural studies, philosophy and popular culture, and others;
  • All-Ukrainian Internet Conference "Information Society and new dimensions of culture";
  • International scientific conference "Problems of cultural identity in contemporary situations dialogue of cultures";
  • National Conference "Gender issues and anthropological horizons";
  • Student Regional Conference "Student cultural reading».

Department of Cultural Studies and Philosophy conducts such scientific publications:

"Scientific notes. Series: Philosophy "(specialized collection of Philosophy);
"Scientific notes. Series: Cultural Studies "
"Scientific notes. Series: Gender Studies "

A permanent methodological seminar exists at the Department and during the meetings teachers and students discuss methodological issues and relevant cultural studies.

The department maintains close ties with the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Jagiellonian University, Department of Culture of Rivne State Humanitarian University, Department of Philosophy of the National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, Institute of Philosophy named after G.S. Skovoroda of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Department of Folklore and Ukrainian Center at Philosophy Faculty of Kiev National University named after T.H. Shevchenko, International Cultural Association "New Acropolis", Institute of Higher Education NAPS of Ukraine. Such cooperations open great opportunities for scientific and pedagogical collaboration.