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Department of Theory and History of State and Law


Head of the Department: Kraliuk Petro Mykhailovych, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

Contact information: New academic building of the University
тел/факс: +38 03654 22949
Office hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 9.00-16.00, lunch break: 13.00-14.00

Secretary of the Department: Marchuk Natalia Leontiivna

Contact information: New academic building of the University
тел.: +38 03654 22949
Office hours: Monday-Friday: 9.00-17.00, lunch break: 13.00-14.00

General information about the department

The Department of Theory and History of State and Law was established by reorganization of the Department of State and Legal Disciplines in 2011 (Order No. 44 of July 29, 2011 On Approval of the Structure of the Institute of Law by I. Malinowskyi). The main tasks of the department are: ensuring the acquisition by students of the skills necessary for knowledge and mastering legal disciplines; implementation of legal education of students with the help of academic disciplines taught at the department; formation of students legal culture, skills and abilities of research work; organization and conduct of specialized introductory practice.

Educational and methodical activity of the department

The Department provides lecturing of the following courses:

  1. Rule of law
  2. History of state and law of foreign countries
  3. History of Ukraine: History of Ukrainian Law
  4. Constitutional Law of Ukraine: Human Rights
  5. Theory of Law
  6. Theory of LawMaking
  7. Philosophy of Law
  8. Philosophy: philosophical and legal doctrines

Teachers of the Department provide introductory practice for the first year students of study in the specialty 081 Law. Practice is built in the form of distance-learning work and aims primarily to develop "soft skills" in future lawyers. In particular, these are skills of in-depth knowledge of information systems, basics of information security and media literacy, business correspondence, use of modern visual technologies and editors for simplified and convenient presentation of information, mastering interactive methods of working with the audience, time and project management. All these skills are formed on the basis of topics that are fundamental to understanding law - respect for human dignity, non-discrimination and respect for the human rights, counteraction to hate speech, etc.

Thematically, the practice is combined into 5 blocks:

  1. Respect for human rights as the basis of legal professional activity and interaction in society;
  2. Basics of business communication and information literacy;
  3. A block of "soft skills" that improve self-organization and the ability to plan;
  4. Block of interaction with the audience and legal education;
  5. Basics of working with the client and with the case.

Scientific activity of the Department

The scientific work of the department is carried out in the field of research and scientific support of theoretical and applied foundations of state formation and protection of human rights in Ukraine.

In total, the department employs 6 lecturers, including 3 with scientific degrees. The teaching staff of the department constantly improves its qualifications, systematically participates in international and all-Ukrainian scientific conferences.

Theme of scientific research of the Department: "History of theory and practice of domestic and foreign constitutionalism" (state registration number: 0119 U 001221), guided by Ishchuk Serhii Ivanovych, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor.

The purpose of the scientific research: to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the problem of constitutionalism: the situation and development of the idea of constitutionalism in European and domestic political and legal thought.