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Prof V. Popeliushko Department of Criminal Law Disciplines


Head of the Department: Herasymchuk Oleh Pavlovych, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, co-organizer of anti-corruption courses under the USAID program, member of the International Association of Law Historians (IAPI)

Contact information: New academic building of the University
tel.: +38 03654 22949
Office hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 9.00-16.00, lunch break: 13.00-14.00

Secretary of the Department: Nina Zaieva

Contact information: New academic building of the University
Office hours: Monday - Friday: 9.00-17.00, lunch break: 13.00-14.00

General information about the Department

The Department of Criminal Law Disciplines was founded owing to the reorganization of the Department of Special Legal Disciplines (Order #23 of April 8, 2005).

The tasks of the Department are as follows:

  • implementation of the educational process in order to train highly qualified specialists in the field of knowledge: 08 Law, specialty: 081 Law;
  • implementation of research work in accordance with the approved plans and implementation of its results in the educational process;
  • development and implementation of promising research topics in the field of criminal law and procedure;
  • carrying out joint activities with other institutions of higher education, organizations, enterprises;
  • formation of high patriotic features of a comprehensively developed personality of higher education seekers, based on universal cultural values, and their formation as lawyers.

Educational and methodical activity of the Department

The Department provides lecturing of the following courses:

  1. Advocacy in Ukraine
  2. Current issues of the criminal law
  3. Current issues of the criminal process
  4. Enforcement process
  5. Prevention of corruption (in English)
  6. Principles of criminal proceedings: practical aspect
  7. Measures to ensure criminal proceedings
  8. Criminalistics
  9. Forensic examination of documents and handwriting
  10. Criminal law: General part
  11. Criminal law: Special part
  12. Criminal proceedings
  13. Criminal executive law
  14. Criminal protection of property
  15. Criminology
  16. Methodological bases of proof
  17. International cooperation in criminal matters
  18. International protection of human rights
  19. Notarial process
  20. Legal support of the fight against corruption offenses
  21. The case law of the European Court of Human Rights on Ukraine
  22. Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine
  23. Professional ethics
  24. Romano-Germanic and Ukrainian systems of criminal procedure
  25. Investigative (search) actions in the criminal process in Ukraine
  26. Forensic expertise
  27. Judicial rhetoric
  28. Forensic trasology
  29. Courts document study
  30. Judicial and law enforcement agencies
  31. Evidence theory

Scientific activities of the Department

The scientific work of the Department is carried out within the study of current problems of criminal law: genesis, development trends, correlations with other branches of law and science as a whole, quality of criminal laws. It is presented in publications of the specialized scientific journals: "Law of Ukraine", "Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law", "Legal Ukraine", Journal of the National University "Ostroh Academy": Series "Law", and others.

In total, the Department includes 10 lecturers, 6 of them have got scientific degrees. The teaching staff of the Department is constantly improving its skills through systematic participation in international and local conferences, round tables and seminars.

Research themes of the Department:

  • "Current issues of criminal and criminal-executive law: genesis, development trends, links with other branches of law, scientific research" (state registration number: 0119 U 001225), guided by Popeliushko Vasyl Oleksandrovych, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine ;
  • "Court, Prosecutor's Office, Advocacy in the Legal System of Ukraine: Theoretical and Practical Aspects" (state registration number: 0119 U 001224), guided by Popeliushko Vasyl Oleksandrovych, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine;
  • "Ensuring fair justice, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the individual in the judiciary; using foreign experience "(state registration number: 0119 U 001223), guided by Popeliushko Vasyl Oleksandrovych, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.

The main tasks of the scientific work of the Department are:

  • solving theoretical, practical, legal problems related to the implementation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the individual in criminal proceedings, ensuring the implementation of fair trial and access to it;
  • solving theoretical and practical problems of modern criminal law in the context of studying the genesis and current state of criminal law as a branch of law and science, improvement of criminal legislation through applied research.

The Department also includes:

  1. Research Centre for the Study of Scientific, Educational, Public and Political Heritage of Academician I. Malynovskyi. Guided by: Vasyl Oleksandrovych Popeliushko, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine;
  2. Student scientific group "Qualification of criminal offenses: theory and practice". Guided by: Khomych Tetiana Mykolayivna, lecturer;
  3. Scientific and practical training "Forensics in law enforcement". Coach: Gongalo Serhii Yosypovych, Ph.D., senior lecturer.

The partners of the Department of Criminal Law are the relevant departments of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Yaroslav the Wise National University of Law, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Odessa Law Academy National University, and the Ukrainian Bar Academy.