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Department of Theory and History of State and Law


The Head of the Department: Serhii I. Ischuk, PhD (Legal Science), Associate Professor

Contact Information: main building 
Phone: (03654) 2-39-30
Office hours: Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., lunch break: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Senior Assistant: Nataliia L. Marchuk
Contact Information: main building
Phone: (03654) 2-39-30
Office hours: Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., lunch break: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

General information about the Department

The Department of Theory and History of State and Law was established after reorganization of the Department of State and Legal Disciplines in 2011 (Order №44 of 29.07.2011 ‘About Approval of the Structure of I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law).

These organizational changes in I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law were caused by the development of social and political processes in Ukraine. The formation of the legal system of Ukraine required a theoretical grounding of new concepts, approaches, definitions and significant revaluation of state and legal phenomena. This task was firstly laid on general theoretical legal science. The magnitude of state- and law-making processes in Ukraine emphasized general theoretical training of future lawyers as a dominant course in developing of their skills. The main objective of the educational activities of the Department is to provide teaching of basic subjects, to give to the students profound knowledge of jurisprudence, and to develop the necessary general theoretical, historical and legal basis for teaching of fundamental and professionally oriented legal disciplines.


The main tasks of the Department are: to ensure the acquisition by the students of the skills necessary for learning and mastering of legal disciplines; to provide legal education of the students through academic disciplines taught in the Department; to shape legal culture, skills and abilities of the students to conduct scientific research; to organize and conduct a specialized introductory internship.

Scientific activity of the Department

The main subject of scientific research of the lecturers and instructors of the Department is the research and scientific support of theoretical and practical base of state building and human rights protection in Ukraine.

In general, 7 lecturers (5 on the staff) work at the Department, 4 of them have academic degrees. The professorial and teaching staff of the Department permanently raise their qualification, systematically take part in international and All-Ukrainian scientific conferences.

The scientific research topic of the Department is ‘The History of the Theory and Practice of Ukrainian and Foreign Constitutionalism’ (state registration number: 0112 U 007515).

The purpose of scientific research is to conduct a complex analysis of the constitutionalism issue: the position and development of the constitutionalism idea in European and Ukrainian political and legal mind.

Educational and methodical activity of the Department

The Department provides teaching of the following subjects:

  • Theory of State and LawConstitutional Law of Ukraine
  • History of Political and Legal Doctrines
  • Actual Problems of the Theory of State and Law
  • Theory of Human Rights
  •  Political Science
  • Fundamentals of Roman law
  • History of State and Law of Foreign Countries
  • Philosophy of Law
  • State Law of Foreign Countries
  • Constitutional Justice
  • Problems of Theory and Practice of Constitutionalism
  • Fundamentals of Legal Practice
  • Fundamentals of Constitutional Law


To prepare students for the future work in the field of jurisprudence there are such scientific circles at the Department:

  • ‘Actual Problems of Tax and Information Law’ (supervisor – Serhii I. Ischuk, PhD (Legal Science), Associate Professor
  • ‘Domestic Violence: Ukrainian Realities and International Experience’ (supervisor - Tetiana M. Khomych, instructor)

The Department Staff

Serhii I. Ischuk, PhD (Legal Science), Associate Professor, the Head of the Department

Vitalii B. Kovalchuk, Doctor of Legal Science, Professor (in a part-time position)

Petro M. Kulakovskyi, Doctor of Historical Science, Professor (in a part-time position)

Vasyl V. Samoliuk, PhD (Legal Science), senior lecturer

Daryna O. Zinchuk, instructor

Tetiana M. Khomych, instructor

Iryna O. Panchuk, trainee instructor