The National University of Ostroh Academy is the successor of Ostroh Slavic, Greek and Latin Academy, the first higher educational establishment of the Eastern Slavs.


The National University of Ostroh Academy receive the status of autonomous research national higher educational establishment.


Ostroh Academy University library which provides the resources for research and educational purposes, the access to the electronic catalogue of the library and foreign library networks.


Ostroh Academy abounds with the projects which welcome the students willing to actively participate, reveal their creative potential and realize their selves.


The National University of Ostroh Academy invites foreigners to become students of one of the most prestigious educational institution. More information can be found here.

Documents for admission


Foreigners who have received complete secondary or basic education at home or in other foreign countries are entitled to higher education and postgraduate study (doctoral) according to Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on certain issues on the organization of recruitment and training (internship) foreigners and persons without citizenship nr 1541 from November 1, 2013, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 25, 2013 №2004/24536 (as amended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on December 11, 2015 №1272).

For admission to the University for accredited educational programs of education degree “Bachelor” and “Master”, a student should submit the following documents to the Admission Committee of the University:

  • Application form;
  • Original and copy of the foreign citizen’s passport;
  • Original and copy of the document on education (secondary or higher) and the supplement to it;
  • Medical certificate of health certified by the official health authority of the country from which the foreigner arrived and issued no earlier than two months before the foreigner leaves for study in Ukraine;
  • Certificate of absence of HIV infection;
  • Insurance policy for emergency medical care;
  • 6 photographs measuring 60*40 mm.

The documents referred to in paragraphs 2-5 must be certified in accordance with the legislation of the country of issue and legalized at the Ukrainian Embassy in the country from which the foreigner arrived, as well as translated into Ukrainian.

For admission to doctoral studies submitted in addition:

1.The thematic plan of the thesis for obtaining the degree of Doctor of Sciences;

2.Copy of the diploma of the appropriate academic degree;

3.List of published scientific papers;

4.Written description of the scientific activity of the applicant, compiled by a doctor of science, who is a full-time scientific, pedagogical or scientific worker of the University with the consent to be his scientific consultant.

5. 5. Research proposal for a chosen scientific specialty or a list of published scientific works and inventions in Ukrainian or English, certified in accordance with the established procedure at the candidate’s place of work / study, is additionally submitted upon admission to graduate school.