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Department of the English Language and Literature


Head of the department – Zhukovskyi Vasyl Mukolayovych, Doctor of Science in Education, Professor

Contact information: administrative building, Department of the English Language and Literature 
Tel/fax: (03654) 3-02-58 
Office hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 18.00, dinner hour: 12.30 – 13.30 

Head deputy: Kostiuk Oksana Yuriivna, Ph.D in Education, Associate professor 

Contact information: administrative buildingDepartment of the English Language and Literature 
Tel/fax: (03654) 3-02-58 
Office hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 18.00, dinner hour: 12.30 – 13.30 

Senior assistant: Omelchuk Viktoria Kostiantynivna 
Contact information: administrative buildingDepartment of the English Language and Literature 
Tel/fax: (03654) 3-02-58 
Office hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 18.00, dinner hour: 12.30 – 13.30 

General information about the department

The Department of the English Language and Literature was established as a structural subdivision of the College of Romance and Germanic Languages on February 15, 2006 by the resolution of the Academic Council of the National University of «Ostroh Academy». The staff of the department is comprised of twenty instructors. 

Speciality: 6.020303 «Philology. (Language and literature (English)»

The department research topic: «Modern Technologies of Teaching English and Interpretation of World Literature Texts » (state registration number 0109U007881).

The tasks of the department: 

  1. Teaching of the English language
  2. Teaching of Literature.

The main goal is to form communicative, linguistic and sociocultural competence and positive attitude towards mastering the language and culture of the English-speaking world, form the professional competence by providing knowledge of different methods and ways of learning a foreign language and through involvement in profession-oriented tasks and enhancement of self-awareness, interpersonal and communication skills. 

1. Teaching of the English language 

An effective approach towards English language teaching lies in combination of classroom and extracurricular activities. In particular, the Bachelor degree curriculum, apart from English language theory and practical disciplines, consists of such courses as «Practical grammar», «Practical phonetics», «Vocabulary of the English language», «Analytical reading», «Writing for academic purposes» etc. Students can make use of a digital phonetic laboratory, a modern computer class and the Regional Resource Centre for Learning Foreign Languages.

Extra-curricular activities include: the English-Speaking Club monthly meetings (supervisor - Simak Kateryna Vitaliivna), the English-speaking Theatre Club, «Singing group», the Discussion Club.

The department is constantly trying to involve native speakers in its activities. The staff and students have attended workshops and sessions by professors and volunteers from the USA and Canada (Donald Frederic Sheez (USA), Ph.D of American college Gustavus Adolphus (“Fulbright Scholar Program”; volunteers: Chad Liddle (Canada), Truda Berg (USA), Sharon Accola (USA), Paul Brodoway (Canada), Project supervisors of “Canada World Youth” Exchange Program: Randy Staingaur, Catherine Ralf, Miseila Ian, Page Eanglis, Hiber Mark, Andre Rodger, Smis MacKenzy, Edward Wiiliam, Pay Mickella, Mavini Fellon, Steve Day, Lindsey Gibson)

For MA students «Special course of English language» was conducted by Trishch P.G, Ph D. 

The Training centre for international English language certificate «Longman Pearson Tests»(supervisor – Shyriaeva T.M.). 

Testing takes place four times a year: in November, December, May and June. Throughout a year meetings with students of different departments and pupils of regional schools are organized with the aim of informing about the centre work and possibility of passing tests.

Students of the college take Pearson Test of English General test – international general English exam for assessment of their English level.

PTE General  consists of two parts: written (listening, writing and reading) and oral. The works are checked in Great Britain by qualified examiners. Oral part of examination is checked by certified examiners at Ostroh Academy, who later send the results to Great Britain to be further confirmed.

PTE General is aimed at detailed assessment of participants’ communicative competence and testing of all basic language skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Since 2012, 30 students of the college of Roman and Germanic languages have received PTE General certificates of Advanced and Proficiency level. Pupils of regional schools are getting Intermediate and Upper Intermediate certificates. 

2. Teaching of Literature

The Head of the section of Literature: Zelinska L.V., Ph.D. in Philology.

Complex approach to teaching literature lies in the fact that except of the curriculum activities, students can visit theatrical performances, write reviews and discuss what they have seen or read in Modern Literature Readers Club. The purpose of Club is to develop critical thinking and aesthetic tastes of students. The objects of discussion are works of Ukrainian and Western European literature of the XIX - XXI century, feature films and theater plays.

Topics of meetings in 2014-2015 academic year:

September - gathering the proposals for academic year from the permanent members of Club; organizational meeting;

October -review of The Lviv Les Kurbas Theatre performance "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"; its discussion and writing performance reviews;

November - Discussion of the novel of Italian writer Luigi Malerba "Ithaca forever";

December - Comedy of William Shakespeare "A Midsummer Night's Dream": a trip to the Rivne Theater, discussion, writing reviews;

January - Vacation, creative online communication in the group "Ostrog haiku";

February – Discussion of the novel of American writer Joseph Heller "Picture this";

March – Discussion of the play of German writer Patrick Süskind "The Double Bass";

April - Discussion of the Rivne Theater performance of Irish playwright Martin McDonagh "The Cripple of Inishmaan", writing reviews;

May - Discussion of the novel of German writer Hermann Hesse "The Glass Bead Game".

The staff of the department constantly improve their expertise level:

  • Post-graduate studies (instructors Olha O. Kostiuk, Alisa S. Sihinishyna, Kateryna V. Simak );
  • International training (internship at the British Council Summer School (Inna V. Piankovska, Serhii A. Tkachuk), internship in the office of the Parliament of Canada (Kateryna V. Simak), Canadian Election Observation Mission to Presidential election 2014 (Kateryna V. Simak (short-term mission translator)), the Canadian Election Observation Mission to Parliament election 2015 (Natalia. V. Lominska (short-term missions translator), Kateryna V. Simak (long-term mission translator)).
  • Scientific training (ERASMUS MUNDUS (Italy – Oleksandr A. Kononenko, Portugal - Viktoriia M. Burmaka, Oleksandr V. Gorchac), writing a doctoral thesis at the Department of Linguistics of Calgary University (Canada) – Svitlana Yu. Filonik).
  • Attending and organising national and international seminars.

The Department of the English Language and Literature holds a monthly workshop "New technologies in teaching English" (supervisor - Senior teacher Olha. O. Pelypenko). Its goal is to discuss peculiarities of implementation of modern methods and techniques of teaching English. The main forms of workshops are: round tables, presentations, offsite meetings and master classes.

Methodological workshops are also held in the mode of webinars and in the Skype, which allows viewing and listening to the presentation in the on-line mode and communicating with reporters. 

There is also The School for Young Teachers that operates within the methodological workshop of the department.

Its tasks are:

1. Attending the classes of young teachers with their subsequent analysis.
2. Preparation and presentation of teaching materials at the department meetings.

The other areas of the Department work are:

  • staff recruitment;
  • ensuring systematic professional development of the staff members;
  • implementation of the researches planned by the Department;
  • ensuring participation of the staff members in conferences;
  • organizing online conference with international participation "Modern technologies in teaching English and interpretation of World Literature texts";
  • vocational guidance work.

There is a number of activities organized by the Department staff within the vocational guidance work in order to attract talented young people to study at the College of Romance and Germanic Languages:

  • Ukrainian nationwide English Olympiad for senior pupils of secondary schools "The Young English Expert";
  • Trial English testing;
  • Open days “Step into Students' shoes”. 

Language School «Up and Up»

Schooling lasts from October to May every school year.

The total curriculum course provides 160 hours: 120 hours of class work and 40 hours of independent work.

Evaluation of the results is attested by the certificates stating the completed course grade. The total score is put down on the basis of the work results throughout the educational process, the results of current modules and the final test.

The structure of the unit test is aimed to examine the formation of basic skills and abilities and includes such parts:

  • Listening;
  • Use of English,
  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Speaking.

Sessions are held every Saturday (except of Saturdays that are day-offs and national holidays).

Sessions begin at 10 a.m. and last to 1:25 p.m. (four lessons, 45 minutes each).

Groups are formed according to the level of English proficiency and in accordance with age peculiarities of participants in a course. In general, the age of school participants ranges from 4 to 35. There is a separate group where external independent testing (EIT) training takes place. All Teaching materials were published by Longman Publishing and Oxford University Press (2007 – 2012, 2007 – 2012 years of publishing).

Lexicographical Laboratory LEXILAB

Teaching staff of the Department:

Vasyl M. Zhukovskyi, Doctor of Science in Education, Professor
Lidia V. Zelinska, Ph.D in Philology, Associate Professor
Oksana Yu. Kostiuk, Ph.D in Education, Associate Professor
Lesia M. Kotsiuk, Ph.D in Philology, Associate Professor
Svitlana V. Novoseletska, Ph.D in Psychology, Associate Professor
Tetiana M. Shyriava, Ph.D in Psyhology, Assosiate professor,
Oleksiy A. Izmentinov, senior teacher
Olha O. Pelypenko, senior teacher
Tetiana O. Kyshchyk, teacher
Inna V. Piankovska, Ph.D in Education, senior teacher
Olena V. Tyshko, teacher
Serhii A. Tkachuk, teacher
Nataliia V. Shapran, teacher
Olha O. Kostiuk, teacher
Alisa S. Sihinishyna, teacher
Kateryna V. Simak, teacher
Yurii V. Zablotskyi, teacher