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A meeting was held with Eurocash Agency

January 25, 2022

On January 25, representatives of the Department of International Relations of NUOA, together with Eurocash Agency, held an online presentation on internship opportunities for NGO students in Germany. With this event, DIR launched monthly presentations of foreign study opportunities, internships, and volunteering for students of our university. During the presentation, there were discussed students' prospects for employment abroad, summer practical experience, internships and other opportunities.

The company «Euroсash Agency» cooperates with such German employers as Amazon, Adidas, DHL, Schustermann, DPD, Adecco and others, so the event aroused great interest, and 20 students took part in the meeting. Everyone could ask any questions, as well as listen to the advice and recommendations of practitioners. In addition, Department of International Relations employees shared information resources where one can find useful information, as well as provided recommendations to students regarding the necessary documents.

“Upon completion of the internship, a student can receive a certificate certified by the seal of a German company, which indicates that they has completed an internship at a German enterprise”,

said the director of Euroсash Agency.

“Taking this opportunity, we would like to remind you that before traveling abroad for an internship or volunteer work, students must register their foreign internship in the Department of International Relations”,

said Nataliia Suproniuk, a specialist at the DIR.