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Volunteer front: charitable help for the internally displaced persons (IDP) living in the dormitories of Ostroh Academy

September 21, 2022

Since the beginning of the Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a large number of internally displaced persons have been living in the dormitories of Ostroh Academy. There are more than 200 people as at September 20.

The National University of Ostroh Academy has organized a fundraiser for the purchase of household appliances and household goods with the purpose of humanitarian support and provision of domestic needs. Thanks to the efforts of American, Canadian, Ukrainian friends and patrons, more than UAH 200,000 was collected for the needs of IDPs. With these funds, the washing machines used by the IDPs were updated, kettles, microwave ovens, clothes dryers, and other household items and hygiene products were purchased in the hostels of the National University of Ostroh Academy, where IDPs live.

«We express our sincere gratitude to Iryna Doroshenko, Oleksandr Podvyshenny, Olga Kyrychuk, Iryna Biziuk, Pavlo Tarasov, Oleksandra Zaplava, Kateryna Avdieieva, Zhanna Yankovska, Natalia Suproniuk, Victoria Volyaniuk, Lyudmyla Deinetsa, Yuriy Plyska, and Olga Pasichnik-Plyska, Serhii Vysotskyi, Ihor Zubenko, Tetiana Voychyshynia, Anastasia Zakharchuk, Vadym Timeichuk, unknown people who made financial donations, and everyone who joined this wonderful initiative and supports people who were in a difficult position at this time. Special thanks for the financial assistance to the parishioners of the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church (Watervliet, New York), members of the Committee of Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine, personally Parson Priest O. Myhal Myschuk, Mr. Taras Myschuk, the Ukrainian Community of the Albany District, all members of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (branch in Watervliet, New York), to the members of the Ukrainian American Cultural Center (Watervliet, New York) and personally to Mr. Dr. Andrii Baran, Mr. Viktor Holovashchenko, Ms. Oksana Lupe for their selfless aid, support and assistance to Ukraine and Ostroh Academy»

notes Rector's assistant for the International Relations and Fundraising of the National University of Ostroh Academy prof. Eduard Balashov.

We wish well, harmony, and God's blessing to all the friends, sponsors, and patrons of Ostroh Academy and our Motherland Ukraine - the fastest possible victory and future prosperity! Strength in our unity! Together to victory! Glory to Ukraine!