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Ostroh Academy won three Erasmus+ projects of Jean Monnet direction

August 05, 2022

The Jean Monet program is one of the educational programs of the European Union. Its purpose is to increase knowledge about the European Union and the principles of European integration. The program envisages stimulating the teaching of educational courses within the framework of European studies, conducting research, as well as establishing intercultural dialogue.

This year, Ostroh Academy National University won three projects of the direction JeanMonnet of Erasmus+ program, namely:

  • Human rights in the EU (Balatska O.R. - author, performers: Lotysh T.V., Lebediuk V.M.);
  • Civil society in conflict resolution process: the EU experience for Ukraine (Shershnova O.V. - author, performers: Yakunina K.I., Ishchuk S.I., Sydoruk T.V., Shevchuk D.M.
  • Self-Regulated Studies of Hybrid Threats and European Security (Balashov E.M. - author, performers: Romanov M.S., Zhovtenko T.G.). 

The projects are related to the study of human rights in the EU, the role of civil society in the process of conflict resolution, self-regulation in the study of issues of hybrid threats and European security.

Dmytro Shevchuk, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work of the NUOA notes that all three projects are important to Ostroh Academy and to Ukraine in general.

«First of all, they are aimed at developing European studies at our university and popularizing the European integration of our country. As you know, this spring Ukraine came close to becoming a full member of the EU. For this, we need to spread European values and principles among students and everyone who will be the target audience of our events within the framework of the projects. This is an important component of the Jean Monet Erasmus+ program projects. In addition, the implementation of these projects will give our scientific and pedagogical workers and students the opportunity to significantly intensify the research of European issues, as well as to expand cooperation with partners from EU countries»,

adds Dmytro Shevchuk.

Olha Balatska, associate professor of the Department of Civil and Legal Disciplines of the Institute of Law of the NUOA, candidate of legal sciences, lawyer talks about the importance of the “Human rights in the EU” project: 

«It is symbolic that the grant application was submitted on February 24, 2022 - on the first day of the full-scale invasion of our land by the aggressor and before Ukraine submitted an application to join the EU. Even then, the idea of the project was based on universal human values and universal human rights, which we consider as a practically effective tool. The implementation of the educational project will contribute to the joint victory of Ukraine and ensure its leading place in the European space».

Olena Shershnova, candidate of sciences in state administration, senior lecturer of the Department of Information and Document Communications of the NUOA says that the project “Civil society in conflict resolution process: the EU experience for Ukraine” is important from the point of view of broadcasting European values and experience for Ukraine.

«In our difficult time, project activities, which are training courses, methodical materials, conferences and other activities involving a wide range of stakeholders, are becoming even more important and significant. We thank the European Commission for the trust!»,

concludes Olena Shershnova.

Eduard Balashov, doctor of psychological sciences, professor, assistant to the rector for international cooperation and fundraising of the NUOA, university coordinator of the Erasmus+ program, notes the high activity of university teachers in the process of preparing project applications and their high quality and relevance. 

«I am glad that we are aware of the importance of the European integration processes of Ukraine, and the university teachers actively participated in the preparation of project applications this year. I am confident that during the next three years we will successfully implement these important projects, study European experience on critically relevant topics, and in this way fulfill the relevant provisions of the Internationalization Strategy of the Ostroh Academy. Together, we are bringing victory closer with our professional activities!» 

We are proud of this victory and sincerely congratulate the project coordinators, co-authors and performers, as well as wish successful implementation of the projects!