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The National University of Ostroh Academy awarded scholarships from the Ukrainian Language Society of Bodnaruk family

December 17, 2021

On December 17, the National University of Ostroh Academy hosted the awarding of scholarships from the Ukrainian Language Society (Chicago, USA), initiated by Bodnaruk family.

«Vira Bodnaruk and Bohdan Bodnaruk are great patriots of Ukraine. This family significantly helps Donetsk and Luhansk regions. You can learn from this family how to live abroad, being a real Ukrainian patriot. Bodnaruk family has made a fairly large contribution to the design of the audience where you are in. I firmly believe that it is precisely honorable people who have been chosen today. I sincerely greet you all»

said the rector of the National University of Ostroh Academy, Professor Ihor Pasichnyk.

Lecturers, postgraduates, and students who study the Ukrainian language and have attained significant results in this field - a list of people who have the opportunity to obtain the scholarship.

The impressions of obtaining the scholarship were shared by: Deputy Head of the Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature, Ph.D. of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer Khrystyna Karpovets; 3rd-year student of the specialty «Ukrainian Language and Literature» Mariia Hryn; and a postgraduate at the Educational and Scientific I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law Tetiana Lotysh. 

«For me, this scholarship shows that I am moving in the right direction. You must always fight for your own and defend your own. No other way. It is incredible when your efforts are not just invested in some business, but also appreciated. I took up the certificate, read the written lines, and remembered that I had obtained the same scholarship when I was a student of Ostroh Academy. This is a feeling of double joy, as well as inspiration and motivation to move forward, work even better, and share even more own knowledge and achievements with people around»

noted Khrystyna Karpovets.

«Thank you very much. I wanted to say that this is the motivation for me and the sign that my efforts have been, are and, I promise, will not be in vain. I will carry on working as a philologist for the benefit of Ostroh Academy and the whole country. Furthermore, I will try to sit love in the hearts of every person for the Ukrainian word”

shared Maria Hryn.

«It is very pleasant to receive such a grant. For me, this is an invaluable incentive for scoring new accomplishments, realization of new ideas, and initiatives. The granting of these scholarships is another guarantee that as long as the skillful Ukrainian youth and the student body are supported by the diaspora, and patrons, until then the youth will have an incentive to study, work, multiply traditions and make new discoveries»

summed up Tetiana Lotysh.