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Presentation of the book "How to make Ukraine successful"

March 28, 2019

On March 28, a political expert, political analyst, founder of the Forum of New Political Leaders, author of the book "How Does Putin's Propaganda Work", Ph.D in Political Science Mykola Davydiuk visited the National University of Ostroh Academy. The guest presented to students the book "How to make Ukraine successful".

Mykola Davydiuk commented in the idea of writing a book:

«I wrote my first book “How Does Putin's Propaganda Work?”. This book analyzed cases of influence on Ukraine, and it was largely protective and defensive, it was against the enemy, against the aggressor, it solved its secrets. But I realized that we often justify ourselves with the fact that someone is guilty. And what do we create? We should not just continue our struggle for independence, but go on to a new stage - to make the state successful, rich and comfortable. And then the idea of a new book "How to make Ukraine successful" was born.»

In order to write this book, Mykola Davydiuk communicated with the most famous representatives of local self-governments, security complex, art, economics and other fields. Their advices became the basis of this collection.

«This book is an attempt to start a nationwide dialogue, a great public debate on how to make Ukraine successful. To answer the simple question: what can I do to help a country succeed? And it does not matter who I am: a chef, a carpenter, an artist, a writer, an accountant, a businessman or a diplomat. As a initiator, co-author and compiler, I tried to minimize my participation in dialogues and conversations, giving more space to the heroes, leaving only my preliminary semantic design of the content of the book and the choice of the topics. This is not a story about how to take your thought or even express it. It is rather a manifesto on the success of the country, its comprehension, discussion and the very beginning," tells the preface to the book.

At the end of the meeting, Mykola Davidiuk advised all students not to be indifferent to the political situation in the country, not to be afraid of self-development and of doing what would change the state for the better.