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The winner of the contest “Halshka-2019” was selected at the Ostroh academy

March 28, 2019

On March 28 the contest "Halshka-2019" was held at the National University of Ostroh Academy. Representatives of the five faculties and the I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law took part in the contest.

For the title “Halshka-2019” competed:

  • Liudmyla Savinska – Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages
  • Antonina Nikoniuk – Faculty of Humanities
  • Oksana Veretylnyk – I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law
  • Anastasiia Feschuk – Faculty of Poitical Studies and Information Management
  • Pavlina Svarychevska – Faculty of International Relations
  • Yuliia Herasymchuk – Faculty of Economics

The contest takes place annually in the cultural and artistic center of the NUOA. This is a competition for femininity, charm and talent. This event is just the beginning of those congratulations that the Ostroh Academy is preparing as a gift to its founder. After all, in 2019 there will be 480 years from the birthday of Princess Halshka Elżbieta Ostrozka.

Participants competed in three categories: presentation, demonstration of talents and recite of the will of Halshka Ostrozka.

«I noticed that today is the 21st contest of Halshka in the Ostroh Academy. Today I would like to note that all the contestants and their teams have shown their creativity. On behalf of the entire board of judges, I thank each participant for the fruitful work and efforts made on the way to victory» - said Oleksandr Korniichuk, Deputy Сhairman of the RRSA, Chairman of the Judiciary Board.

As a result of the contest, Liudmyla Savinska received the title "Miss of Audience Sympathies" and "Miss Artistry". In the nomination “Miss Extraordinary” won Oksana Veretylnyk, Pavlina Svarichevskaya became “Miss Elegance”, Antonina Nikoniuk – “Miss Grace”, Anastasiia Feschuk – “Miss Talent”, and Yulia Gerasymchuk won in the nomination "Miss Sophistication". The winner of the contest "Halshka-2019" was a representative of the Faculty of the Humanities Antonina Nikoniuk.

«Watching the competition for many years, I know some of its winners well. I know what path they have traveled, how much work they have done, how much effort they have spent on getting the title “Halshka”, which must be carried with pride. I still can not believe that our team won. But I was very pleased to take the crown from last year's winner. It is like the value that is passed from generation to generation, in our family, the family of the Faculty of Humanities. Probably the contest gave me the faith in myself. I realized that all efforts will be evaluated fairly sooner or later.» – said the winner Antonina Nikoniuk.