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Ostroh Academy abounds with the projects which welcome the students willing to actively participate, reveal their creative potential and realize their selves.

UN Model in Ostroh Academy

May 04, 2018

During April 28-29, the representatives from different parts of Ukraine were able to take part in the first All-Ukrainian "The UN Model in the Ostroh Academy". Carrying out of this event was initiated by the students of the Department of International Relations of the NUOA in order to create a universal platform for discussing the most urgent issues of international life, popularizing the values and principles of the United Nations, as well as involving young people in the field of international relations, diplomacy and politics.

Students of the Ostroh Academy and other Ukrainian universities joined the world practice of modeling the UN Security Council procedure. During the event, the participants spoke on behalf of the states and tried to find ways to resolve international disputes. That activity required using of analytical and communicative skills and coordinating the political positions of all stakeholders.

The theme of the meeting was the important issue in the field of modern international relations - "The Syrian crisis and its impact on the security situation in the world". In the model took part 15 delegates, 2 secretaries and 6 participants who acted as observers. The result of their work was the signing of the UN Resolution.

Organizers of the UN Model in Ostroh are grateful to local entrepreneurs who supported the student initiative and helped during its realization:

  • LLC "ТСЦ Вінт"
  • "Нова пошта"
  • Individual Proprietor O. Olishevskyi
  • "Віват" Individual Proprietor A. Semenovych
  • LLC "Острозький завод мінеральної води"
  • Shop "Шуфлядка"(Netishyn)
  • Shop "Кактус" (Ostroh)

Also organizers are thankful to the partners:

  • The National University of Ostroh Academy
  • Student Brotherhood of the National University of Ostroh Academy
  • Oleksandr Ohloblyn Scientific Association
  • Institute for the Ukrainian Diaspora Studies

"The UN Model in the Ostroh Academy" is a great experience and new opportunities for the self-realization of youth. All participants expressed the hope that the event would become an annual tradition, which would unite more and more students interested in the peculiarities of modern international relations, in particular, the activities of the United Nations.