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The Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility will be taught at Ostroh Academy

September 17, 2018

Serhii Ishchuk, Director of I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law, PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Oleh Herasymchuk, PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Mariia Tsypiashchuk, Coordinator and Lawyer at the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union in Rivne, took part in the presentation and training session on the course entitled “The Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility” on September 6-7. The event was organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Nove Pravosuddia Justice Sector Reform Program (New Justice Program).

One of the directions of the program’s activities in Ukraine is to help to improve legal education. It is for this purpose that the representatives of the leading law schools in Ukraine participate in the program’s events.

In order to further promote the modernization of the content and methods of teaching at Ukraine’s law schools, the program supported the development of the prototype-training course “The Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility”. The course is aimed to provide the understanding and assimilation of the values of the legal profession and its societal mission among students despite the posts they may take up during their professional career.

During the presentation, the topicality of the course and experience in teaching the one in other countries were revealed. The members of a course development team told about the peculiarities of specific topics, demonstrated the interactive methods of teaching the course and provided the examples of the design of actual scenarios that can be used while teaching. James E. Moliterno, Vincent Bradford Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University School of Law, Virginia, the USA, told about his experience in teaching the course “The Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility” and shared his own secrets about the assessment of the students’ academic success.

“The most important modules of the course “The Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility” will be implemented into the Bachelor's degree program in Law of the National University of Ostroh Academy, since professional ethics is extremely important to restore societal trust in justice,” noticed Oleh Herasymchuk.