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Yurii Voitenko gave a lecture at the Ostroh Academy

June 01, 2018

On May 31, a director of the Northwestern regional office of Privatbank Yurii Voitenko visited the National University of Ostroh Academy. He gave a lecture on "How to Achieve Success" for students of the Faculty of Economics.

“The purpose of my speech is to share my own "recipes" of success, to inform young people about the latest "breakthrough" technologies of PrivatBank and to form a desire to work and develop in Ukraine”, comments Yurii Voitenko.

Yurii Voitenko said that he started his career as a courier. For fifteen years, he has constantly worked on himself and improved his skills and knowledge.

“Today I work at the largest technological company in Ukraine, I am a director of the Northwestern regional office of PrivatBank. And that's just because I  am always steady in purpose. I constantly come out of the comfort zone and try to learn something new in order to be on a strong track. After all, if a person does something every day that it is easy for him/her to cope with, or does not do anything at all, then the process of degradation will begin,” adds Yurii Voitenko.

According to his own experience, Yurii Voitenko advised students how to become successful. If you want to achieve success you should:

  1. define the sphere of activity;
  2. believe in yourself and your abilities;
  3. continue to study and improve your qualifications in order to become the best specialist;
  4. love your job and sincerely believe in your company and its products.

Yurii Voitenko also emphasized that a departure abroad of the young generation that believes it is better to work and live in foreign countries, forgetting their own traditions, customs and language, is a crucial problem of our state.

“We can build our future in Ukraine, we just have to work hard in order to achieve the desirable results. I wish students to quickly define who they want to become and what they want to do for themselves and their state,” says Yurii Voitenko.