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On the occasion of the Day of Science in Ukraine: Blitz on the topic "What is science for me?"

January 01, 1970

On May 19, the entire scientific community celebrates its professional holiday – the Day of Science in Ukraine.

A few representatives of the university staff have shared their thoughts on what is the science, what role does it play in life and what can be wished to students and other lecturers on this day.

“Science is one of the basics of the foundation, from which emerges the "edifice" of the university. The results of scientific research of lecturers, their scientific achievements, as well as the victories of our students in scientific contests and olympiads (and this year there are about 30 of them) make this foundation even stronger. On the occasion of the Day of Science in Ukraine, I want to wish the academic community of NUOA an inspiration, interesting innovative projects, and scientific achievements for the benefit of our university and Ukraine”, comments the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work, Dr Sc. (Philosophy) Dmytro Shevchuk.

“Science in my life? When I was still at school, we were encouraged to be active participants in science clubs, and parents tried to support us too. For example, as part of the aviation engineering circle, we built wooden models of ships with small motors, and then participated in competitions. Or else, being a member of the geographical circle, I really fell in love with the sea world, I used to admire the expeditions of the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau, so these scientific inclusions made me interested in science in a broad sense. Moreover, science lays the foundation for logical and critical thinking, and what is even more important, it makes us so-called "constant questioners". There is a myth that the science is "dry" and only for professors, but in fact it surrounds us everywhere and it is worth choosing cooperation instead of the opposition, because science is interesting. On the occasion of the Day of Science, I congratulate all colleagues and students, and I want life to be like an expedition, where each of us will understand that together we are able to make at least small, but still discoveries, says the Dean of the Faculty of Political Studies and Information Management, Ph.D. in Public Administration Vitalii Lebediuk.

“Personally, I regard Science as a respectable academic lady who does not like any hastiness and black-and-white mentality, and at the same time she gives fundamental and applied answers to any actual present issues in the field of law. Science is the communication with colleagues, expressing opinions, finding compromises, laying the foundations for a successful future. I would like to use this opportunity and congratulate colleagues and students on holiday. I wish colleagues inspiration and good outcome from the work in the scientific field, and I wish students and others well-being and good mood!”, comments the Deputy Director of the I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law, the Head of the Department of Civil Law Disciplines, PhD in Law Oleh Herasymchuk.

“Science is, first of all, the widening of boundaries not only of your own knowledge, time, space, opportunities, etc., but also of those people who are with you. Science is for enthusiasts. Only if it is not a routine, it will be a true science, not an imitation of scientific activity. The wishes for this day are simple. I wish you not only intellectual, emotional, but also financial delight from science”, shares her opinion Senior Lecturer of the Department of Journalism, PhD in Philology Zoriana Hodunok.

“For me, science is a lifestyle. It is a thirst for new knowledge, a constant search for useful information, because everything that you pick up forms you and your range of scientific interests. Of course, it does not mean that you need to spend all your time on the TED or with hundreds of volumes of scientific literature, but you need to be responsible (in relation to yourself) during the selection of information that surrounds you. And to conclude, I would like to say that science is creativity, it's something personal, individual, and not something that is pulled out of you”, tells the Head of the Student Scientific Society of the Student Brotherhood of the National University of Ostroh Academy, a post-graduate student Alexander Leskiv.

We sincerely congratulate all those for whom science has become a part of life, and whose desire to comprehend the world around themselves opens it for others! We wish new triumphs, fruitful activity and well-being!