The National University of Ostroh Academy is the successor of Ostroh Slavic, Greek and Latin Academy, the first higher educational establishment of the Eastern Slavs.


The National University of Ostrog Academy cooperates with foreign educational and scientific institutions, scientists, representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora.

The National University of Ostroh Academy receive the status of autonomous research national higher educational establishment.


Ostroh Academy University library which provides the resources for research and educational purposes, the access to the electronic catalogue of the library and foreign library networks.

Teaching and research in the National University of Ostroh Academy is organised by Faculties. There are five Faculties and I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law offering sixteen prestigious specialities.


Ostroh Academy abounds with the projects which welcome the students willing to actively participate, reveal their creative potential and realize their selves.

Inauguration 2017 – the Initiation Ceremony of Ostroh Academy Freshers

September 01, 2017

Inauguration 2017, the ceremony of initiation of the freshers into the students’ fraternity of the National University of Ostroh Academy took place on 1 September. This year 500 young men and ladies from different parts of Ukraine entered the first institution of higher education of East Europe.

The celebration started with the solemn prayer service in the student and teachers church of Saint Fedir Ostrozkyi for beginning of the new academic year.

‘Dear freshers, I wish you to develop your best God-given human feature, which is love, while studying here at Ostroh Academy. I wish you great love to yourself, your parents and professors, your dearest, and your Motherland’,

said the Rector of the the National University of Ostroh Academy Prof Ihor Pasichnyk.

Following the good tradition, the ceremony featured actors enacting the founders of Ostroh Academy: Prince Vasyl-Kostiantyn of Ostroh and Princess Halshka of Ostroh, the first Rector Herasym Smotrytskyi and a typographer Ivan Fedorovych. The event was attended by a number of honourable guests, such as the director of Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, PhD in Philology, professor, co-head of the Supervision Council of the National University of Ostroh Academy, the Member of Ostroh Academic Society Mykola Zhulynskyi, the Prorector of Ostroh Academy, the member of the Supervision Council of the National University of Ostroh Academy, the Member of Ostroh Academic Society Roman Vasylyshyn, First Vice Head of Rivne Regional Council, Ostroh Academy graduate, PhD in Public Administration Oleksandr Korniichuk, First Vice Head of Rivne Regional Administration, Ostroh Academy graduate, PhD in Public Administration Vitalii Undir and the mayor of Ostroh Oleksandr Shyker.

In the presence of faculty and the ceremony attenders the freshers made a vow of the student of the National University of Ostroh Academy and also were presented the Book of Life, the Holy Bible.

‘Entering Ostroh Academy means achieving my goal as I really wanted to study here.This university has the atmosphere of its own. It is a wonderful place for getting knowledge and personal fulfilment. Today, holding the Bible, we swore to be dignified students of our alma mater.For this reason, we have to devote our free time, our efforts and ourselves to achieving our goals’,

says a national safety first year student Sofiia Sliusar.

The vow was also made by the lecturers who obtained their PhD degrees previous year. There are 13 more Doctors of Philosophy at the university this year.

At the end of the ceremony the freshers were invited to the temple of science, the National University of Ostroh Academy. Later on the freshers went to their first inauguration lecture.

Moreover, the opening ceremony of exhibition Roman Petruk. The Contemporaries’ Portraits and the Greeting Concert, organised by Ostroh Academy students took place on 1 September.


Відео Nataliia Velianyk, Oleksandr Bondar


Photo by Lesia Kasiianenko