Національний університет «Острозька академія» — наступник першого вищого навчального закладу східнослов’янських народів — Острозької слов’яно-греко-латинської академії. Сьогодні виш визнано одним із найпрестижніших вищих навчальних закладів України.


Національний університет «Острозька академія» має статус самоврядного (автономного) дослідницького національного вищого навчального закладу. В університеті функціонують наукові центри, лабораторії, спеціалізовані вчені ради із захисту кандидатських дисертацій.


Серед ресурсів, що надаються студентам, викладачам, працівникам та гостям університету наукова бібліотека, відділ кадрів, інформаційно-рекламний відділ, відділ міжнародних зв’язків, Центр вивчення спадщини Острозької академії, ресурсні центри, методичні кабінети.

В Національному університеті «Острозька академія» діє п'ять факультетів та Інститут права ім. І. Малиновського, студенти яких навчаються на 18 престижних спеціальностях.


При Острозькій академії створена велика кількість студентських організацій, а також проектів, у яких студенти беруть активну участь, мають змогу проявити свій творчий потенціал та реалізувати себе.

Ostroh Academy Sets the Pace for the Development of Ukrainian Science

Back in 16th century Ostroh Academy was a leading scientific and educational centre of the East Slavic lands. It also retains this mission today. The university sets the pace of the development of Ukrainian science. It is proved by the students of Ostroh Academy who win olympiads and various competitions of state level.

Nazar Martyniuk, a history student of Faculty of International Relations, won All-Ukrainian Competition of Scientific Papers on History. The student’s paper is titled ‘Diplomacy of the UPR in exile of Tarnov period’. The points given by the jury allowed the student to get the 1st place and the Diploma of the 1st Degree. In the 2nd phase of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in International Relations, the students of Faculty of International Relations Viktoriia Shokha (country studies student) and Bohdan Kostiv (international relations student) took the 1st and the 3rd places, respectively.

Maryna Yevtushyk, a 4th year psychology student of Faculty of Political Studies and Information Management, took the 2nd place in All-Ukrainian Competition of Scientific Papers on Educational and Developmental Psychology. Her work is titled «The Illusion of Knowing in the context of Efficiency of Metamemory Control». Another psychology student of Ostroh Academy Yuliia Kotovska took the 3rd place in the 2nd phase of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Theoretical and Applied Psychology. Oleksandra Burba, a master’s program student took the 3rd place in All-Ukrainian Competition of Scientific Papers on Political Science. The prize-winning research by Ms Burba is titled «The Factors of Electoral Success of the Candidates of 2015 Local Elections (as exemplified by Volyn Region)».

Philology students of Faculty of Humanities Khrystyna Semeryn, Liudmyla Pasichnyk and Olha Haluha took respectively the 1st, the 3rd and the 5th places in All-Ukrainian Competition of Scientific Papers on Ukrainian Language and Literature Including the Methodology of Teaching. A creative writing student Sofiia Kotovych took the 3rd place in the 7th Taras Shevchenko International Language and Literature Competition of School and University Youth. Moreover, Khrystyna Semeryn took the 1st place in the 2nd phase of Petro Yatsyk International Contest in Ukrainian Language.

The students of I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law Iryna Voitova, Kateryna Valko, Viktoriia Dubetska, Svitlana Yasynska and Vadym Yudovych were the awardees of the 7th International Competition in Commercial Arbitration organised by European Arbitration Chamber. The competition was held completely in English. The team of Ostroh Academy showed remarkable results and took the 3rd place in the final. Law students Marta Kozlovska and Roman Podzizei were awarded the Diploma of the 3rd Degree of the 2nd Phase of All-Ukrainian Competition of Scientific Papers on Administrative Law and Process, Financial Law, and Legal Aspects of Computing. In addition, the students of I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law Oleh Ilkiv, Oleksii Turchyk and Viktoriia Parkhomchuk were the awardees of the 2nd Phase of All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Criminal Law. Oleksii Turchyk was granted the Olympiad Participant Diploma, Oleh Ilkiv and Viktoriia Parkhomchuk got the Diplomas of the 3rd and the 2nd Degrees, respectively. Among 19 teams from all over Ukraine the students of I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law of the National University of Ostroh Academy took the 9th place.

The students of Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages Olha Skrypal and Kateryna Leliakh took the 1st and the 2nd places, respectively, in the 2nd Phase of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in English Language and Literature.

An economy student Oksana Lopatska was an awardee of the 2nd Phase of All-Ukrainian Competition of Scientific Papers on Natural Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Humanities. Ms Lopatska took part in the Money, Finance and Credit section with her paper titled «The System of Direct Taxation» and was granted the Diploma of the 2nd Degree. Moreover, a student of Faculty of Economics Ivanna Korinets took the 3rd place in the 2nd phase of the 7th Taras Shevchenko International Language and Literature Competition of School and University Youth.

Although the revival of Ostroh Academy started 20 years ago, the principles of its functioning, which had been established from the very foundation of the university, gave the administration, faculty, students and graduates of the NUOA the opportunity to enjoy being a part of one of the most prestigious universities of Ukraine today. The recent rankings of the universities that are currently gaining popularity show that the first institution of higher education in Eastern Europe has already outshined its own popularity in the 16th century. According to a research carried out by U-Multirank, one of the most prominent international rankings, among 18 Ukrainian universities, which took part in the ranking, the National University of Ostroh Academy took the 9th place and is a leading institution in terms of teaching, studying, activeness of students and regional employment. Last year, the university took the 6th place among institutions of higher education of Ukraine and the 650th place in the world according to Round University Ranking. The ranking was based on the data collected by Thomson Reuters, which is one of the biggest analytical companies in the world.

«The modern world requires that one has deep knowledge, is intelligent and can think critically. At Ostroh Academy we create all the necessary conditions for personal fulfilment of a student giving her the opportunity to become not only a professional in his/her field but also a leader of Ukrainian nation in the future. An Ostroh Academy graduate is a person with extensive knowledge and high moral values»,

says the Rector Dr Ihor Pasichnyk.