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The National University of Ostrog Academy cooperates with foreign educational and scientific institutions, scientists, representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora.

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Ostroh Academy abounds with the projects which welcome the students willing to actively participate, reveal their creative potential and realize their selves.

The Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language Celebrated at Ostroh Academy

November 09, 2016

Following the good tradition, the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language is celebrated on 9 November. A great number of events dedicated to this occasion have been taking place at the National University of Ostroh Academy for several years in a row.

The celebration of the occasion started on 8 November with the soiree «Win!» dedicated to the 80th anniversary of M. Vingranovskyi’s birth.

Throughout the week students of all faculties of Ostroh Academy collected fiction, educational and scientific literature in Ukrainian for the universities that were relocated from the occupied areas of East Ukraine. Moreover, a social network flash mob «I Love Ukrainian Because...» was organized.

One more traditional event aimed at checking of spelling skills of both students and faculty was dictation given via campus radio. It was the 16th time the event took place at the Academy.

Ostroh residents were also involved in the celebration of Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language. The Student Brotherhood volunteers were distributing Ukrainian playlists therefore promoting Ukrainian music. For the record, it is not the first time events like this are organized by Ostroh Academy students.

The unique events such as «Do You Like Music? Listen to Ukrainian One!», «10 Most Common Mistakes of Student and More», «Curious Facts about Ukrainian in Today’s World», «Guess the Famous Lines» (the students encouraged volunteers to guess the lines of Ukrainian poems translated in English and then to recite them in the original) took place on the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language.

Ostroh Academу often runs joint projects together with Ostroh Town Council. This time both parties signed the memorandum to promote Ukrainian in social and cultural sphere of Ostroh, support its development and learning among the town community.

«Language is one of the key identifiers of the statehood. That is why the events that has been taking place throughout the week were aimed at supporting the status of our mother tongue, improving the culture of speech and increasing the general literacy level. Linguistic tolerance is propagated at Ostroh Academy as our students’ community is polycultural.Moreover, the second working language of the university is English. However, we have to treat Ukrainian in a special way, and we encourage residents of this town and this region to do it as well» ,

says Vice-Rector for Teaching and Education Prof Ruslana Kalamazh.
On the same day, the 1st phase of Petro Yatsyk International Contest in Ukrainian Language for non-philology students and the 16th Petro Yatsyk International Contest in Ukrainian Language for linguistics students were held.