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A Greek Professor Lectured at the Ostroh Academy

April 04, 2016

Doctor Panos Eliopoulos from Greece visited the National University of Ostroh Academy on the 29th of March. He conducted a lecture «Philosophical Studies as a Precondition for an Education of Humanism and Critical Thinking in the University».

Professor Panos Eliopoulos is a famous Doctor of Philosophy specialized in Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and a lecturer a the University of Peloponnese in Greece. He has organized as well as helped with arranging a number of conferences on philosophy in Greece and abroad. Moreover, he conducts lectures in Greek and foreign universities, takes part in philosophical conferences in various parts of the world (Greece, USA, India, Finland, Poland, China, France, Hungary, Russia, Romania). His articles and reviews on ancient philosophy, existentialism, philosophy of education, and comparative philosophy have been published in the established Greek and foreign periodicals and included in the international collections.

The lecture has been organized as a part of the discussion platform «Mission of Modern University» that is being held on the occasion of the 440th anniversary of Ostroh Academy.

To mark the visit of doctor Panos Eliopoulos, a partnership agreement between Department of Humanities of the National University of Ostroh Academy and Greek Academy of Institutions and Cultures has been signed. It implies organizing conferences together, exchanging scientific publications, and creating research groups to participate in the international scientific projects.

«The lecture of doctor Panos Eliopoulos within the ’Mission of modern university’ project put emphasis on the importance of the development of critical thinking, relying on the sound basis of humanistic mindset. Providing examples from the history of philosophy, the lecturer has clearly demonstrated the need for conscientious attitude towards one’s own view of life, which can be formed with the help of university. Besides, I was delighted to find out during our discussion that we are investigating the same issues. That was the premise to establish partnership between the Department of Humanities of the National University of Ostroh Academy and Greek Academy of Institutions and Cultures where doctor Panos Eliopoulos holds the position of the Vice-OPresident»,

said the Dean of the Department of Humanities Dmytro Shevchuk.