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Results of the 7th Nationwide Tournament for Young Journalists

May 01, 2011

Today the final game of The 7th Nationwide Tournament for Young Journalists was held. While the finalists competed for the victory, we asked about the impressions of the tournament their senior colleagues – the first year students of Journalism speciality. 

Natalia Sheviakhova, J-11 group student who took part in the Tournament for young journalists last year: 

- I am very pleased with teams’ attitude to the Championship and their training level. All participants demonstrated good knowledge not only from the theoretical side, but where it was necessary they thought critically, analyzed and opposed. Although there were potentially stronger team, but I think the 9 semifinalists could easily get to the finals. Unfortunately, the competition rules that only 4 teams can be in the final game. 

Veronica Paholchak, J-11 group student, a member of the committee: 

- True that it is better to see once than to hear seven times. The same applies to young journalists tournaments. 

Word of mouth I heard repeatedly this contest, but never was his witness. I thought that this tournament doesn’t differ from conventional contests or similar events. Now I understand how deeply I was wrong. This tournament is not just a dry demonstration of scientific information but a countless amount of emotions, team enthusiasm and fierce fighting. As I was gaining journalism profession myself it was extremely interesting to hear opinions on certain issues of young participants. They understand the general aspects of theory and some of a practice in some their own way, original and unbiased, in fresh, so to speak. Another pleasant surprise for me was very warm, chummy attitude commands to each other. They absolutely do not feel rivals, although during the games they were used as opponents. According to the participants, first of all, they found friends who shared their own experiences. So no matter who wins, most important is positive experiences and emotions, as friendship and memories will stay with them forever!

At the closing ceremony it was announced that this year's winning team in the competition become "Espada" (Sumy). Second place was shared between the representatives of Volyn, Rivne and Sumy region and their teams “Chetverta vlada”, “Bez secretive” and “Obiektyv”. 

Third degree diplomas got team “Skrepka” (Donetsk region), “Ekselsior” (Ternopil region), “Post Scriptum” (Chernivtsi region), “Erudyt” (Sumy region), “Leader” (Kharkiv region).