The National University of Ostroh Academy is the successor of Ostroh Slavic, Greek and Latin Academy, the first higher educational establishment of the Eastern Slavs.


The National University of Ostrog Academy cooperates with foreign educational and scientific institutions, scientists, representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora.

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Teaching and research in the National University of Ostroh Academy is organised by Faculties. There are five Faculties and I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law offering sixteen prestigious specialities.


Ostroh Academy abounds with the projects which welcome the students willing to actively participate, reveal their creative potential and realize their selves.

Polish Students Study at Ostroh Academy

February 09, 2009

Ostroh Academy National University has recently started another exchange programme in order to improve teaching process and make the understanding of the mechanisms of Bologna process better.

The Institute for Ukrainian Diaspora Studies established friendly relationships with High State East-European School of Przemyśl. As a result, Polish students visit Academy and besides learning it as a listed building and one of the leading universities of Ukraine they study here. Comparing this experience with other exchange programmes, the studying aspect of the programme should be emphasized as the Canadian-Ukrainian exchanges are characterized by volunteer activities and intensification of civil position of the students.

Studies and development are peculiarities of cooperation with Przemyśl. The representatives of Polish universities aim to understand the outlook of Ukrainians and their views on the level of collaboration with Europe, on Ukrainian and world history, on the events highlighted by international mass media that refer to Ukraine. With this purpose the Institute for Ukrainian Diaspora Studies organized a special educational programme for Kamil and Slawomyr who became the first Polish students of the University. Their stay in the Academy will last for two weeks during which they will be attending various lectures that will allow understanding Ukrainian mentality, history and culture.

The first week of the studies turned out to be eventful for the participants. They attended lectures on Ukraine and WW2, Ukrainian national democratic revolution at the beginning of the 20th century, etc. The Polish students are supervised by the students of Masters’ Programme in History and the third year students of the College of International Relations Yana Nichyk, Yulia Verzhykovska, Olha Diachuk, Svitlana Varchenko, Kateryna Kozachuk, and Olena Lakodei. They observe the keeping of the working schedule most comfortable for Kamil and Slawomyr, direct their attention towards different cultural events in the Academy and help them in daily life.

Moreover, the programme is bilateral and therefore the visit of the Ostroh Academy students to Poland is expected. The students of Masters’ Programme in History will teach at the High State East-European School of Przemyśl, and the students of the Department of Country Studies will have an opportunity to study subjects connected with Polish culture and history.