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World Creation Discussed In Ostroh Academy

November 29, 2008

On 28-29 November the international scientific conference The Paradigm of World Creation in Modern Science: On the Way to the Integrated Outlook took place in Ostroh Academy. Ostroh Academy National University, the Institute of the Universe and Life Origin and Development Problems, All-Ukrainian Public Organization Spirituality and Prosperity, Church Academy, International Centre of Christian Leadership, and All-Ukrainian Public Organization Union of Ukrainian Christian Development organized this event.

Professor Petro Kraliuk, PhD, vice rector for studies and scholarly activities, and professor Vasyl Zhukovskyi, Dean of the College of Humanities, took the floor with greetings speech. “I am very glad that such a powerful international conference is held in Ukraine in time of political and economic instability. The majority of people here realize the spiritual nature of Ukrainian history and understand that the future of Ukraine and humanity in general is being decided today neither in Europe, which failed Christian values, nor in the disordered megapolis of Kyiv, nor in the offices and lobbies of Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, but in the small town of Ostroh, in the glorious Ostroh Academy where the first printed Bible in Ukrainian was published in 1581”, said Vasyl Zhukovskyi in his greetings speech.
Professor Volodymyr Maliuk, PhD in Medicine, director of the Institute of the Universe and Life Origin and Development Problems, instructor in Ecology of the International Christian University presented the report Science and the Bible; Bohdan Rudyi, candidate of technical sciences, senior bishop of 136 Evangelic Churches Association, President of the International Church Academy presented the report Development of the Scientific Theory of World Creation; Halyna Sahach, research worker of T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Fellow of the Institute of the Universe and Life Origin and Development Problems, PhD in Education, professor, honourable doctor of Ostroh Academy National University, member of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, president of the International Charitable Foundation Bells of Life, and others presented their reports during the plenary meeting.

Section meetings continued the work of the conference. During these meetings the advantages of world creation paradigm compared to the evolution, problems of correlation of science and religion, the basis of the Christian ethics and democracy were discussed.

On 29 November the conference ended. The scientific collection of the materials of the conference is to be published.