The National University of Ostroh Academy is the successor of Ostroh Slavic, Greek and Latin Academy, the first higher educational establishment of the Eastern Slavs.


The National University of Ostrog Academy cooperates with foreign educational and scientific institutions, scientists, representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora.

The National University of Ostroh Academy receive the status of autonomous research national higher educational establishment.


Ostroh Academy University library which provides the resources for research and educational purposes, the access to the electronic catalogue of the library and foreign library networks.

Teaching and research in the National University of Ostroh Academy is organised by Faculties. There are five Faculties and I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law offering sixteen prestigious specialities.


Ostroh Academy abounds with the projects which welcome the students willing to actively participate, reveal their creative potential and realize their selves.



Foreigners and stateless persons, who permanently reside in Ukraine, the persons who have been granted refugee status, the persons who require additional or temporary protection, and the persons with status of foreign Ukrainian residing in Ukraine lawfully, have the right to receive higher education on the same basis as the citizens of Ukraine. Acquiring higher education by the categories of persons mentioned above at the expense of the state budget is accomplished within the quotas determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Other foreigners and stateless persons can receive higher education at the expense of physical (juridical) persons unless otherwise stipulated by the international agreements of Ukraine ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, legislature or agreements between universities about international academic mobility. All the persons receiving higher education have equal rights and obligations.

Foreigners entering the University for receiving certain education and qualification academic program must be enrolled to the National University of Ostroh Academy not later than November 15 on the basis of the orders of enrollment which have to be verifies at the Unified Database.

Documents required for admission to the National University of Ostroh Academy:

  • Application form
  • Certificate/Diploma of previous education (original and copy)
  • Academic Transcript with the information of academic progress and marks (original and copy)
  • Birth Certificate copy
  • Medical Health Certificate verified by an appropriate health institution of the country from which the foreigner arrives, and issued not later than two months prior to arrival in Ukraine for studying
  • Copy of the Passport or the document of a stateless foreigner which certifies the identity of the foreigner
  • Valid Medical Insurance (except the foreigners who have arrived from the countries with which Ukraine has signed agreements about granting free emergency medical care)
  • 6 photos (60*40 mm)
  • Copy of a Foreign Ukrainian Certificate (if available)/

The documents listed above must be verified in the country of their issuance according to the procedure officially used in this country for such verification, and legalized and authenticated by the appropriate diplomatic institution of Ukraine unless otherwise stipulated by the international agreements of Ukraine

Address of the Admission Committee: Seminarska Street 2, Ostroh, Rivne Region, 35800, Ukraine

Tel: +380 3654 30069 (office)


Executive Secretary: Halyna S. Pastushok